About Us

AGRONEW is a manufacturer of different types of products meeting customers’ demands in the sector of agriculture, aquaculture, construction and civil works, including anti-insect/ anti-bird/ anti-wind/ anti-hail netting, shading netting, climbing-plant-support netting, fish-farming netting, scaffolding netting, twisted ropes, geography/ anti-weed/ anti-erosion tarpaulin etc. AGRONEW is a member of MINH HUNG GROUP, Vietnam.

MINH HUNG GROUP was established in 1995, consisting of financially independent companies which share the brand name Minh Hung in order to increase competition capacity and corporate status for development. The Group is guided by the philosophy of “Not just business relationships, but business partners. Not just a customer but a long-term friend”.

MINH HUNG is among the biggest enterprises in the agricultural field which are certified Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam, Top 500 Vietnam’s largest enterprises continuously from 2010-2018, Top 50 Vietnam the best. Meeting the criteria of Quality, Innovation, Creativity and Pioneering Capacity, Minh Hung Group’s products have been continuously certified “Vietnam Value” since 2016.

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The products, developed steadily by MINH HUNG GROUP such as Jumbo bags, Mosquito Bed Netting and other types of Netting, are exported over 90% of factory capacity to different worldwide markets, especially the high-quality markets like Japan, America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

MINH HUNG GROUP wishes to establish a long-term relationship, harmonizing the mutual benefits with the goal of combining and optimizing the strengths to achieve success, with the guideline of action: Always appreciate the development of harmonious benefits between the Community – Products – Environment.

In such spirit, from high-quality materials, modern machinery systems and experienced technician teams, AGRONEW aims to supply customized products with premium quality, various weaving patterns (raschel/ leno/ knotted weaving), diverse colors and sizes and suitable for many different uses, especially the high tech netting with superior features, like anti-moss, long durability regardless of sea sunlight, etc.

Applying European technology in production, AGRONEW establishes and adheres to a strict quality control procedure in accordance with Japanese standards, controlled by the most advanced equipment to meet the increasing demands from customers and ensure the stable quality for all repeated orders.

With the mission to serve the agriculture in the global trend of sustainable development, to help protect the environment, to increase productivity, to keep consumers’ health safe and to improve the farmers’ income and life, AGRONEW always promotes research, technical improvement and development to become the leading company in Southeast Asia in the field of manufacturing products for high-tech agriculture.

All comments from customers is highly appreciated to make our product quality and customer service better and better. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.