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Anti-Wind Netting

  • Durable & UV stabilized HDPE
  • Shading: 20 – 60%
  • Weight: 60/80/100/120gsm
  • Width: 0.5 – 6m
  • Length: 50m – 100m
  • Preferred colour: white, green, blue, black or custom
  • Packaging: custom

*Custom net specification are available

Mô tả

Unexpected weather, especially invisible wind blows have potential to cause bruising and damage to your crops. AGRONEW can help you to prevent these impacts with our Anti-Wind Netting designed for the best services.

Manufactured from 100% virgin HDPE monofilament, the net is lightweight, UV stabilized, anti-fouling and lockstitch knitted that will not unravel if cut. The result is stronger, longer-lasting and more flexible anti-wind netting that withstand extreme weather. For the best outcome of windbreak, AGRONEW Anti-Wind Netting is available to be customized as specific requirements and frame structures.

In horticultural field, Anti-Wind Netting is ideal for fruit and vegetables nurseries, outdoor orchards; providing plants with shelter from wind damage of scratching fruits, breaking branches or causing fruit falling before ripening. For commercial use, it is applied as a windbreak for scaffold structures in construction sites, fencing in sporting and privacy screens in public areas.

  • Lightweight, durable & UV- stabilized
  • Wind load reduction up to 90%
  • Tear resistant against strong wind
  • Anti – corrosion & anti – fouling
  • Easy fabricate to various frame structures with wire and cable ties
  • Cost-effective & labour-saving
  • Flexible in harsh weather & temperature changes

AGRONEW Anti-Wind Netting can be used in a range of horticultural and commercial application below:

For agriculture uses

Anti-wind Netting fabricated to non-permanent or rigid frame structures with wire and cable ties to provide wind protection for plant nurseries, vineyards, flower farms and vegetables crops.

Some additional benefits: reducing water loss from evaporation, reducing dust on fruits thus lower damage caused by scale insects and reducing soil erosion.

anti wind application

For construction uses

Heavy duty Anti-wind Netting can be applied as scaffold protection netting in open construction sites to protect scaffold against strong wind and to prevent debris from falling.

For privacy uses

High density Anti-wind Netting can act as a privacy screen for residental properties.

For commercial uses

heavy duty Anti-wind Netting can be fabricated on chain link fences as sport windbreak fencing to restrict wind interference.

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