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Aquaculture Netting

  • Durable & UV stabilized HDPE
  • Density: 60/80/100/120gsm
  • Mesh size: 2×2/3×3/4×4/5×5/8×8/16×16 mm
  • Width: 0.5 – 6m
  • Length: 50 – 100m
  • Preferred colour: blue, green, jade, black, white
  • Packaging: custom

*Custom net specification are available

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Fish cage netting is the most practical tool to contain your valuable fish inside the cage and protect them from natural predators. Our Aquaculture Netting is made of durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for optimum service life. From years of field experiences, we’ve designed our range of Aquaculture Netting that combine specialized technical factors including UV stabilizers for durable & long-lasting usages, anti – corrosion, tear resistance and environmentally friendly materials.

Offered in various mesh specification and available to be customized as specific requirements, our Aquaculture Netting is ideal for your needs to prevent fish escapes without limit of water flow. What’s more, tear resistant feature of the net provide your fish farms an effective protection against natural predators.

Through practical experience, we supply the most favourable products of fish cage netting, meanwhile ensuring the cost-effective priority of your installation.

  • Durable & UV stabilized
  • Anti – corrosion & anti - fouling
  • Tear resistant for maximum protection
  • Non – toxic & environmentally friendly
  • Custom mesh sizes & dimensions available
  • Economical & cost-effective
  • Stay flexible in all weather & temperature
Aqua Netting, Fishery Cage Nets, Aquaculture netting

Aqua Netting – Safety In And Out

  • Fabrication to fish cages & pens for growing, cultivating, feeding and trapping of inland & seawater fisheries
  • Proper installation to provide fish containers with overhead covers from bird predators
  • Ideal netting fabric to manufacture seafood bags
  • Clam cover from predators, easily set up and folded for harvesting
Aqua Netting, Fishery Cage Nets, Aquaculture netting