Bird Control In Blueberries

Bird Control In Blueberries

What is the Problem?

Birds destroy an estimated 10% of the blueberry crop in North America. Some bird damage is obvious – pecked fruit that is unsuitable for fresh market or broken clusters of ripening berries torn from the bush. Less easily measured and probably more costly, are the berries that are totally consumed by birds. Large flocks of birds are capable of consuming a major portion of a blueberry crop in a few days, which is thousands of dollars per acre in lost revenue.

Making the Best Economic Decision for Netting

This factsheet will help growers assess the economic costs and benefits of netting blueberries on their farm. Other factors — such as the suitability of nets to the overall farm management as well as the impact of noise devices on neighbor relations – should also be considered when reaching a decision on netting the crop. Follow the following steps while filling out the worksheet on the last page with information specific to your farm. The last step will show you if it will pay to install netting for anti-insect.

Investment Costs – How much money will it cost to set up the nets?
Annual Depreciation and Interest Costs – What is the yearly cost of the investment?
Yearly Costs – Now much will it cost to use the nets each year?
Risk – How much extra money is needed for uncertainty?
Total Annual Netting Cost – What are all the annual costs for netting?
Added Annual Return – Will more money be made with the nets?
Break Even Point – Will the nets pay?

For full Document, You can download here: Bird Control In Blueberries