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Anti-Insect Netting

  • UV-treated HDPE monofilament
  • Weight: 60/80/100/120gsm
  • Mesh size: 18/24/32/40/50 mesh
  • Width: 0.5 – 6m
  • Length: 50 – 100m
  • Standard colour: crystal, white
  • Packaging: custom

*Custom net specification are available

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Durable Physical Barriers to Protect Plants without Pesticides

AGRONEW Anti-Insect Netting Range is high quality HDPE nets that provide optimum performance for protecting crops against pest and natural damage. By using Anti-Insect Netting, growers can apply an environmentally friendly approach to protect crop while reducing significantly the use of pesticides on products, thus benefit consumer health and natural environment.

Made of lightweight UV-treated HDPE monofilament, the Anti-Insect Netting range are designed to withstand sun damage, fouling effects and will not unravel if cut. The mesh sizes and dimension are available to be customized as specific requirement.

Our Insect Netting is commonly applied to fruit orchards or vegetables crops to prevent pest including aphids, white flies, beetles, butterflies, fruit flies and bird control. With tear resistance features, the net can also provide crops protection against hailstorm, blast and heavy rain.

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Special Purpose

Catering the high demand of seedless fruit productions, we’ve studied and developed our range of Anti-Insect Netting applicable to avoid cross-pollination by bees, especially for citrus fruits.

Suitable installations of our Anti-insect Netting can offer the best performance and produce ideal fruit products.

  • Lightweight, durable & UV stabilized
  • Custom mesh sizes & dimension
  • Anti – corrosion & anti – fouling
  • No thermal effect
  • Tear resistant for optimum protection
  • Flexible in harsh weather
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Economical & cost-saving
  • Easy setup, economical & labour-saving
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Single-tree enclosure

  • Bush-shaped plants, citrus & drupe trees
  • Net is installed to enclose a single tree and secured at tree bases with ropes or tapes;
  • Suitable mesh to exclude insects & birds with no thermal effect
  • Tear resistant barrier for bird control
  • Prevent fruit loss due to heavy rain
  • Easy cover & removal, cost-saving
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Complete overhead cover of crops

  • High trees, orchards, vineyards and vegetables
  • Full canopies netting: net is held permanently to a rigid structure of poles and tensioned cables to over full crops
  • Tunnel netting: net is pegged from the ground and held above tree tops along plant rows by non-permanent light frames; apply when fruits approach maturity and remove after harvesting
  • Tear-resistant barrier for bird control
  • Suitable mesh to exclude pest with no thermal effect
  • Appropriate net installation can prevent fruit blemish from hail, blast and rain
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